Kars Castle GigaPixel - Turkey

General Panoramic View of Kars City

It was built by the Grand Vizier Firuz Akay on the orders of Sultan Selcuk Sultan Melik Izzeddi. The fortress is 250 meters in east-west direction. It was about 90 mt in the north-south direction. It was destroyed during the Russian occupation of 40 years after the 1877-1878 Ottoman-Russian war and lost its original feature and usage.

At the end of the Ottoman-Russian War of 1877-1878, Kars remained under Russian occupation for 40 years. The Russians started a new reconstruction in the city from 1878 to 1918. Especially in 1706 in the north of Russia on the Baltic Sea side applied to an architectural approach to Kars. In the 1882s, they brought the engineers from the Netherlands to speed up the zoning works in the city. The new city plan consists of streets with grid plan intersecting each other vertically. On these wide streets, from 1890 until 1917, they built single-storey, two-storey and rarely three-storey buildings of smooth cut basalt stone in Baltic architectural style. The entrance facades of these buildings are decorated with false columns and curb relief stones, and the interiors are generally made up of rooms and halls that open around a long corridor.