360 Video Panorama

With this technology, which removes the boundaries of the promotion world, the whole space can be filmed without limit. You can transfer your activities, places, trips to your customers with this technology that multiplies the feeling of reality with VR glasses.

Video brings the world of mobility and effect to the panorama world. Automotive, Furniture, Real Estate, Organization, Tourism and so on. The film is shot like logic and assembled and then prepared for broadcasting by applying voice or music. The difference from normal film allows you to see the place with all angles. Youtube, Facebook and html5 player can be published on the website.

Mobile, Tablet, Web, TV, etc .. can be used on all platforms. High-quality and seamless video panorama with Lifeless Dream & 360TR will add a promotional effect to your place… Video Panorama is applied as a form of application, Drone with Air, Special coating under water, Depth perception is applied as stereo. You can visit our Youtube channel for more examples.
(The works of our customers are not shared due to copyright.)